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How you helped bring Kelley Matthews Designs to life

We are thrilled that people who buy our figure skating dresses know they are getting an authentic Kelley Matthews Design that is worthy of the podium. 

Kelley Matthews

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Before I created Kelley Matthews Design, I bought off the rack skating dresses for my daughter.

Then one day, my daughter competed in a dress that looked 5 sizes too big and was falling apart on the ice. I vowed right then to create a line of dresses to rule them all.

I was worried about the price point of my skating dresses, because of  the cost of the quality materials and local construction, would turn off the skating families. 

But then….

After skaters wearing my dresses in competition were approached by moms asking who they were wearing, and getting great feedback from judges on their costuming, I knew I was on the right path.

I decided to set out to create the most beautiful figure skating dresses for the most discerning skaters in the country. It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined.

There are lots of cheap (and sometimes, um, interesting…) figure skating dresses available.  Why on Earth would people buy mine?

Well, guess what?!

Those discerning moms pay VERY close attention and noticed my designs right from the off.  Almost immediately, I was dressing figure skaters across the country.  The constant feedback  I received was that people had gone the cheap route but were ready for a better look that was more in line with the level of their  skater’s hard work.  

After testing, tweaking and more testing…

   My Signature Line is LIVE and available just for you.  The response has been AMAZING, with products literally breaking the internet and flying off the shelves.